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Pre-Purchase & Post- Purchase Support Available I Chat With USA based customer Support I Phone 866.802.7613


Trolley Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine I Model MUCD7

by Meubon
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1. Transmitted signal’s accuracy control
2. I-station: integral work station
3. Extended Phase Harmonic (EPH)
4. Accurate vessel imaging(AVI)
5. Image: image optimization imaging technique
6. B/C dual real-time display
7. Adaptive color artifact removal technique
8. Convenient and practical data management
9. Linear probe independent angle deflection

Standard Configuration: 
1. Main unit with a built-in 500GB hard disk:1 pc
2. Two probe sockets
3. Probes: 3.5MHzmulti-frequency abdomen convex probe(128 elements), 7.5MHz linear probe(128 elements), 6.5MHz TV probe(128 elements)

Applications: , , , , 

9. Linear probe independent angle deflection

Technical Specifications:

Number of channels / array elements

Channel: 64 channels; Probe elements: 128


High resolution 15 “LCD display

Full Digital Imaging Technology

Pulse inverse harmonic composite imaging; Multi-beam synthesis; Space compound; Image enhancement noise reduction

Imaging mode

B mode, M mode, Color(Color Doppler ) mode, PDI(Energy Doppler)mode, PW(Pulse Doppler)mode

Image display mode

B, 2B, B+M, 4B, M, B+Color, B+PDI, B+PW, B+Color+PW, B+PDI+PW, ★B+C/PDI Double real time

Supported probes

Convex probe, Linear probe, Cavity probe, Micro-convex probe Probe frequency: 2.5-10.0MHz Probe socket: 2 PC

Supported frequency

B/M:Third gear fundamental frequency + second gear harmonic frequency; C:2 gear, PW:2 gear


2D mode,B Maximum: ≥5000 frames, Color, PDI Maximum: ≥2500 frames; Timeline mode(M, PW), Maximum: ≥ 190s

Image zoom

Real-time scanning(B、B+C、2B、4B)Status:Step-less enlargement

Image storage

Support JPG, BMP, FRM image formats and CIN, AVImovie format; Support local storage;

Support DICOM, meet the DICOM3.0 standard;

Built-in workstations:Support large-capacity hard disk(≥1TB),support patient data retrieval and browsing.

System language

Chinese / English/ Spanish operating system and language environment, support other languages according to user requirement;

Full screen annotation input, Chinese/ English/ Spanish; Chinese input methods ≥2,including Wubi input method

Measurement calculation software package

Abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, small organs, heart, blood vessels, etc.

Measurement and calculation

1. B/C mode routine measurement: Distance, area, perimeter, volume, angle, area ratio, distance ratio

2. M mode routine measurement: time, slope, heart rate, distance

3. Doppler mode routine measurements: heart rate, velocity, velocity ratio, resistance index, pulse index, manual / automatic envelope,

acceleration, time

4. Obstetrics B, PW mode application measurements: including comprehensive obstetric line measurement, body weight, single gestational age and growth curve, amniotic fluid index, fetal physiological score measurement, etc.

5. Gynecology B mode application measurements

6. Heart B、M mode application measurements

7. Blood vessels PW mode application measurements

8. Small organ B mode application measurements

9. Urinary B mode application measurements

10. Pediatrics B mode application measurements

11. Abdomen B mode application measurements

Standard configuration

Main unit (1TB internal hard disk), High-resolution 15-inch LCD monitor, 3.5MHz convex probe: 1pc 7.5MHz linear probe: 1 pc