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Pre-Purchase & Post- Purchase Support Available I Chat With USA based customer Support I Phone 866.802.7613


Meubon B/W Laptop Ultrasound Machine I Model MUBW5600

by Meubon
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Original price $4,500.00
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Current price $3,999.00

B/W Laptop Ultrasound Machine

Model: MUBW5600

Standard Configuration:
1. Main unit
2. 3.5MHz convex probe
3. Power supply adaptor
4. Reticle
5. Two probe sockets
6. Li-Battery

Applications: , , , 


1. Net weight of main unit is 91lbs, smart and light, convenient for carrying.
2. Large-capacity lithium battery can drive the main unit to work for more than 200 minutes.
3. The hard disk can be extended to 4G to get 5000 frames permanent image storage.
4. 4” high resolution color LED backlight display, with high contrast and wide viewing angle;
5. Adopt ARM7 embedded control system + FPGA signal processing system + well selected ultrasound hardware system, all make the unit more stable;
6. Menu operation system, with different languages according to requirement including Spanish, English, French, Russian and Portuguese;
7. Two probe sockets, auto-identify different optional probe.
8. Rapidly one-key operation includes one-key storage, one-key browse and one-key print.
9. Unique CPU temperature control function, when temperature is too high, it can automatically shut down.
10. Portable LED Panel to make the users get the best image visual sense from different angles.
11. One-key to light the keyboard, suitable for operation in dark room.
12. Practical function knob design, use A key to realize quick adjustment in a variety of conditions


Body marks total 64 kinds body marks indicating probe position;
Display mode B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M
Adjustable depth 10 grades, max depth to 236mm
Gain 0~ 127dB
Contrast 27~90dB
Gray scale 256,  8 steps intelligent TGC
Image storage 4G hard disk to permanently store about 5000 frames images; without loss when power off;
Cine loop 256 frames
Frame frequency 30 frames /second, 8 kinds pseudo colors
Puncture guide function with 2 correctable puncture guiding lines(adjustable angle & position)
The gravel software package with real-time position line measurement
Normal measurement distance, perimeter, area, volume, angle, length and area stenosis ratio measurement;
Cardio measurement Depth, slope, heart rate, cycle;
Gynecology measurement and analysis gynecology general measurement and gynecology report
OB measurement including 15 kind of obstetric software, several GA measurement, amniotic fluid index, fetal growth curve and OB report
Urology measurement and analysis residual urine volume, prostate volume, and urology report
One-key store concise and practical
One-key review fast, practical image review function
One-key Print  
One-key Transfer the current frozen image to net workstation to complete its image text report and print directly
Dual TV output PAL/NTSC, can connect video printer when necessary
Power supply 100-240V~ 1.2-0.6A  frequency: 50-60Hz;