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Pre-Purchase & Post- Purchase Support Available I Chat With USA based customer Support I Phone 866.802.7613


household oxygen chamber hyperbaric hard type portable hyperbaric chamber

by meubon
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Single seated steel pressurized chamber
Working Principle
Through the oil-free air compressor set in the control box, the cabin is filled with fresh and clean air to form a micro pressure environment of 1.5 atmospheres. The medical grade oxygen generator or oxygen bottle is used to provide the oxygen needed for oxygen inhalation to the cabin personnel through the oxygen supply pipeline.

1. Simple operation and high safety

It is equipped with automatic integrated control cabinet, integrating air compressor, oxygen generator and control system to reduce the floor area; and equipped with voice announcer in cabin, duplex intercom inside and outside cabin, music playing controlled by Bluetooth in cabin to improve the user experience and use safety; and with the simple control interface and operation process, and complete control function.

2. Application site

The products can be applied to the sports industry (Sports Center, project club, fitness chain organizations, etc.), tourism industry (tourist attractions), health care industry (sanatorium, beauty salon, health life center, yoga center, etc.), plateau (plateau security, mountaineering, plateau camp, plateau enterprises and institutions, large hotels, etc.), others (community, individual family Shopping malls, office buildings and other lunch break venues).
Maximum working pressure
Rated number of passengers entering the cabin
1 person
Relative humidity
 ≤ 80%
Pressure reducing noise
Pressurized medium
Oxygen concentration in cabin
about 1000kg
Pressurization time for the equipment
≤ 15min
Power Supply
220V 50Hz
Working environment temperature
 0 ℃~ + 30 ℃
1. Pressure gauge: it is equipped with mechanical pressure gauge in cabin, the person in cabin can observe the current cabin pressure intuitively.
2.Balance valve: the equipment is equipped with balance valve. When the cabin pressure exceeds the service pressure, it will automatically open and release the pressure, and when the pressure drops to the predetermined pressure, it will automatically close to ensure the safe and effective operation of the equipment.
3. Observation window: the observation window can be used to observe whether the cabin personnel are abnormal, and the cabin personnel can see the outside of the cabin through the observation window, so as to reduce the fear of the cabin personnel in a closed container.
4.Mask respirator: it is used when the cabin personnel breathe high concentration oxygen, and the exhaled waste oxygen is directly discharged outside the cabin to prevent the oxygen concentration in the cabin from being too high.
5. the emergency decompression valve is used to control the rate of pressure rise and fall and fast relief the pressure in the cabin. The cabin is equipped with an emergency decompression valve which can be quickly opened both inside and outside the cabin.
6.Control touch screen: the cabin is equipped with control touch single steel cabin, and the touch screen can display the current cabin pressure, oxygen concentration, temperature, humidity and other parameters.