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Pre-Purchase & Post- Purchase Support Available I Chat With USA based customer Support I Phone 866.802.7613


Shower Chair with Wheels for Elderly and Disabled I Foldable Wheelchair I Bedside Commode I Model M221554

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Our commode wheelchair can be used as a safe & comfortable bedside commodes for seniors, rolling shower wheelchair, portable normal chair, and convenient wheelchair, satisfying your different needs.

Bathroom wheelchairs are designed to make hygiene maintenance easier for those who find it difficult or impossible to make it to the lavatory.

Commode Shower Chair with Wheels

This Shower Commode Wheelchair typically features an opening in the seat -- to allow users to toilet themselves while remaining on the chair -- and rust-resistant frames for use in the shower. Bear in mind that, when transferring your chair into the shower, you will most likely need a caregiver to assist.

Made of durable PVC material and thickened steel pipe, with 2 silent casters with braking device, the chair is waterproof and anti-skid, so you can sit on it to enjoy your bath without worrying about slipping.


  • The waterproof shower chair offers convenience and comfort for people who need to shower while seated. Its waterproof feature ensures that the chair remains usable even during shower time, and the user can stay seated and comfortable throughout the showering process. With its ergonomic design, the chair offers stability and ease of use, making showering a safe and pleasurable experience.
  • The shower chair's 2 large front wheels are designed to make it easy for users to cross obstacles and thresholds, both indoors and outdoors. The wheels have a diameter of 14in, providing stability and ensuring that the user remains safe while moving around. This feature makes the shower chair a versatile mobility aid that can be used for various tasks, whether it's showering, moving around the house, or outdoor activities.
  • The collapsible design of the shower chair allows for easy storage in the corner of your home or in the trunk of your car. It weighs only 19 pounds, which makes it easy for adults to pick up and move around. The convenience of being able to store the chair away after use ensures that it won't take up much space in your home, which is particularly useful for those with limited living space.
  • The large capacity bedpan of the shower chair is easy to clean, making it an ideal option for people who need to spend long periods of time seated. The high elastic sponge cushion provides additional comfort and support, ensuring that the user won't feel tired after sitting for an extended period. This feature makes the shower chair an ideal choice for people with mobility issues, as it allows them to spend more time in a comfortable seated position.
  • The shower chair can also be used as a toilet seat riser, providing extra convenience and support for people who need it. This feature is particularly useful for those with limited mobility, as it eliminates the need to move from one seat to another, thereby reducing the risk of falls or accidents. The chair's design ensures that it can be used as a toilet seat riser without compromising its stability or comfort, making it a versatile and practical mobility aid.
Brand Meubon
Color Black
Style Modern
Handle Type Push Handles