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Pre-Purchase & Post- Purchase Support Available I Chat With USA based customer Support I Phone 866.802.7613
Pre-Purchase & Post- Purchase Support Available I Chat With USA based customer Support I Phone 866.802.7613


1.5-3ata Hard Steel Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber I Home Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

by Meubon
Original price $55,000.00 - Original price $55,000.00
Original price
$55,000.00 - $55,000.00
Current price $55,000.00

Product Description

Our single oxygen chamber we designed adopts the transparent oxygen chamber commonly used in western countries in Europe and America. The transparent oxygen chamber design is more humanized. It will make the patient feel integrated with the external room, the cold sense of machine is weakened, which brings the distance between the patient and the patient closer, eliminates the fear of people to the round tank chamber and is conducive to the patient to accept hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Currently, ICU resuscitation treatment for patients with hyperbaric oxygen indications has saved the lives of many patients. ICU resuscitation treatment with hyperbaric oxygen has been adopted by many hospitals. The use of transparent chamber of single person in ICU resuscitation treatment is more conducive to the observation and treatment of patients by doctors.


1. Manual control method

2. Pneumatic safety control mode, the gas and electricity system is partitioned and

isolated to ensure the safe operation of the equipment

3. Automatic voice prompt function, intercom system inside and outside the cabin

4. Timed treatment sound and light reminder function, real-time two-way intercom

system inside and outside the cabin

5. Heating and air conditioning system

6. Smooth, mute, rail bed

7. Multiple sets of bioelectric interface devices


1. Function: Treatment/Healthcare/Rescue

2. Cabin diameter: 900mm

3. Cabin length: 2600mm

4. Cabin volume: 1.56m3

5. Door size: DN800mm

6. Number of hatches: 1

7. Cabin design pressure: 0.15MPa

8. Maximum working pressure of the cabin: 1.5-3ata

9. Number of people to design treatment: 1

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ata for this hard hyperbaric chamber?

If you require the ata over 1.5ata, this model meets your requirements. The max ata is 3 ata.

2. During the treatment, can inside user operate the chamber?

Yes, inside chamber has the panel that allow the user to adjust the time and temperature.

3. Will this chamber come with the air conditioner?

Yes, this chamber have the air conditioner and you can adjust the temperature.

4. What kind of oxygen concentrator can be used with this chamber?

No, this chamber use an oxygen cylinder. Because of the high ata, this chamber need to use an oxygen cylinder to supply with the oxygen.